The concept of Net Zero Carbon

ESG Non-financial reporting standards

Carbon footprint. Innovations for accounting, optimization and compensation.

Calculation of the carbon footprint from transport. Delivery of goods.

Relationship between GHG and energy generation

Corporate Sustainability 360. Research

Energy Efficiency – Reduce Energy Costs

Energy optimization

Sustainable and Smart City: The Case of China

Russian building certification system

Mechanism for increasing the ESG rating in construction

ESG for the bank. ESG reporting.

Accounting for greenhouse gas emissions

Carbon credits

International GHG calculating methodology standards

WELL Laboratories

Where to study ESG and green economy?

The new Yandex headquarters. LEED and WELL standards

Green construction of cities and buildings. Forum.

Efficiency of urban landscaping

LEED certification of the medical center. Oncology Clinic

Features of the RCC building in Ekaterinburg

Victory at the international competition: Ecopolis in the Sakhalin Region

Cross-border carbon regulation

Benefits of international certification of buildings LEED, BREEAM and WELL

Climate Change and Modern Architecture

What is the difference between LEED and BREEAM systems?

Energy efficiency – reducing energy costs

BIM – Building Information Modeling

Climate change will lead to changes in the economy

Carbon footprint. Reporting and optimization

Life cycle assessment in construction

Company Valuation – Carbon reporting

LEED Certification information about the system

The highest level of awareness – WELL certification

Environmental expertise

CSR of the company – tool for sustainable development

Green Office Rating in Russia – Winners