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L’Oréal achieved LEED Platinum

Sep , 27
L’Oréal achieved LEED Platinum

The L’Oréal Vorsino factory was certified with LEED Platinum level.

HPBS was LEED consultant for this iconic project.

Picture of factory

There are very stringent economic and environmental objectives set by the L’Oréal headquarters:

  • – LEED V4 certificate
  • – “Zero” of CO2 emissions
  • – “Zero” of sewage
  • – “Zero” waste to the landfill

The certification confirmed the following results as of today:

  • – Reduce CO2 emissions – 55%
  • – Reduce water costs – 79%
  • – Reduce waste generation – 63%.
  • – 98% of the waste is recycled.

Ilya Zavaleev, pricipal at HPBS is commenting:

“We divided the applied technologies into four elements: Fire is energy. Water – water efficiency. Earth is waste, land and transport. The air is comfort, safety and health.

There were complex set of solutions, for example:

Picture of energy modelling of LEED platinum


  • – Energy modeling
  • – Photovoltaic power plant of 500 KWp
  • – Demand Response System
  • – Advance monitoring and commissioning of the building systems

Picture of phsed of water treatement results


  • – Landscape without irrigation – natural local species with biodiversity program
  • – Highly efficient sanitary fixtures with water recirculation
  • – Advanced water treatment plant
  • – Smart water metering

Picture of daylighted factory


  • – Supply of filtered fresh air into all rooms
  • – Daylight
  • – Climate control system
  • – Air quality management system and CO2 sensors
  • – Quality views

Picture showing open space for empoyees


L’Oréal Factory is located on industrial land – industrial park Vorsino, in the Kaluga region, with certain benefits and targeted use of land.

Sorting of waste at the plant is organized, all waste generated is processed. During construction, the waste was also sorted and sent for recycling.

The HPBS team conducted the life cycle analysis of the building on the impact on the environment. The building structure were optimized, the material chosen with lower environmental impact.

– For recreation of employees on the territory there are open areas, places for rest, where employees can relax during a break or on holidays.

– The factory has a small parking for employees. To work from nearby cities, plant workers get on special corporate shuttles. On the territory of the plant there are also special privileged places for cars that come to work together – car pooling.

Thanks to the work of the HPBS team and employees of the L’ORÉAL factory, the project received the LEED Platinum certificate. The project scored exactly 80 points – this is a very high result.”

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