Green Office Rating in Russia – Winners

The rating “The Green Offices of Russia – 2017” was headed by: the world leader in the sports goods industry – adidas Group, global consulting companies – BCG and EY, the office of the large cosmetic brand factory – L’Oréal and the Russian business tourism agency AEROKLUB.



The independent rating was carried out by HPBS and EcoBureau GREENS. It has been held since 2014. The purpose of the rating is to motivate companies to introduce practices of sustainable development in all spheres of business and make their offices more environmentally friendly.

This year, the organizers of the rating received more than 40 applications for participation, and the study involved 1187 people. The geographical coverage of the rating has increased – offices from 17 cities – from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Syktyvkar and Novosibirsk.


A feature of the rating this year was the use of two questionnaires: for the administration and for the staff. The questionnaires were drawn up in such a way as to provide a more comprehensive view of the offices, taking into account not only the organization of the workspace in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, but also the feedback from the staff.


In the questionnaire for the administration the following groups of criteria were evaluated:

  • Policies on sustainable development and eco-friendly procurement
  • Waste management procedures
  • Used in the decoration of furniture and materials
  • Encouraging employees to a healthy lifestyle
  • Energy and water consumption
  • Climate Change.


The questionnaire for employees was evaluated by:

  • Accessibility and use of public transport,
  • Conditions for stimulating the use of environmentally friendly transport,
  • Comfort in the building,
  • Involvement in the collection and sorting of waste,
  • Rational management of resources,
  • Involvement of employees in activities to support a healthy lifestyle,
  • Eco-education.
  • An innovation this year was the inclusion of issues on climate change and the availability of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The most priority criteria for rating this year were environmental education, involvement of employees in the implementation of “green” initiatives of companies and responsible procurement in the office.

According to the results of the survey, companies that scored the maximum number of points implemented a number of comprehensive solutions in each area, while employees of these companies also highly appreciated the implemented activities in the office.

In total, you could score 110 points. 57 points for the administration questionnaire and 43 points for the staff questionnaire, plus additional points for staff involvement and balance of responses. To get into the rating “Green offices of Russia 2017” it was necessary to score at least 40 points.

In the final rating were 33 offices from 29 companies. The final results were divided into three groups depending on the points received:


Five stars – Top leaders, more than 79 points

Five stars – Top leaders, more than 79 points


1st Place – Adidas Group

This year the Sports House adidas took part in the rating for the first time and immediately became the leader for the most complex embodiment of the principles of the green office and environmental responsibility, both inside the company and outside the office. The company showed the highest result on staff involvement – more than 250 employees took part in the study. It is important to note the work of the Green Team adidas team in terms of the continuous maintenance of environmental management in the office. In the office adidas launched eco-stikers and memos, celebrating eco-products of daily use. This helps to draw the attention of employees to the importance of using materials made from recycled materials. Another step towards sustainable development is the PLASTIC FREE initiative. In 2017, the company around the world refused to use disposable plastic, including in the Moscow office adidas, opting for a reusable safe utensils, replacing the plastic with ceramics and metal. Also in the company refused from boilers and purchases of bottled water, on the floors fountains with drinking water are installed. Separate collection of waste for further processing is organized in the Sports House adidas. Every year in the office, a carless day is held and a program is implemented that agrees to use bicycles and reduce its carbon footprint. Corporate cars are issued strictly on justification, corporate buses operate throughout the day and on weekends, which allows employees to use less of their own cars. In the office of adidas, meetings and workshops on environmental issues are often organized. The company shows real care in relation to the health of employees and respects the policy of respect for the environment and natural resources. Also, the company launched the adidas Academy project, which includes a sustainable development program. Adidas Academy is a transformation program for both employees and external participants, showing how sport can change people’s lives. A great emphasis in training and transformation is on the formation of eco-consciousness among participants. In addition to training on how to become more “environmentally friendly” at the household level, a community of adidas ambassadors is formed, which already outside the company are taking steps to reduce the impact on the environment and create space for sports, involving their environment and actively participating in adidas ecosarahs . The adidas sports house is located in the Krylatsky Hills business park and is certified according to the LEED standard at Silver level.


2nd  Place The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

The BCG office takes part in the rating not for the first year, but this year it is located on the second place. The company strictly follows the policy of saving and saving resources: there is a separate collection of plastic containers, cans, batteries and batteries for computers, which are then transferred for processing. The company has an initiative group GreenCom (“green” committee). All new employees of GreenCom in the first week of work issues their own reusable water bottle, instead of using disposable dishes. This year, GreenCom also added posters with a reminder that it is better to use ceramic cups than disposable paper cups. The furniture in the office is FSC certified. Also, various global initiatives under the BCG Green program are being implemented to reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with staff travel. GreenCom deals with environmental education of employees. The work in this vein is quite complex: from green newsletters, meetings and events with environmental experts to watching thematic films and various environmental actions. It is also worth noting that the BCG office received high scores and feedback from its employees, which undoubtedly indicates that the implemented “green” solutions find a response from the staff. The building of the office is certified according to the standard of ecological construction BREEAM.


3-rd Plance Office in the factory L’Oreal Vorsino

Another newcomer to the rating office at the L’Oreal Vorsino plant was on the third place in the rating thanks to the introduction of high-tech solutions. For example, the plant uses various energy efficiency solutions, such as: solar panels that can compensate for more than 10% of the energy consumed, heat recovery in production, and a smart LED lighting system in the warehouse and in the office. In addition, the company introduced cleaning and recovery of up to 70% of water, and set an ambitious goal to achieve zero CO2 emissions. The center of corporate culture is the philosophy of sustainable development, which is called “Sharing Beauty with All” and a special program has been implemented to involve employees in environmental problems. Within the framework of this program, lectures on sustainable development and lean office / production concepts are held for employees, a green communication system is organized, and the Day of Ecology is held. In the offices, the canteen and the administrative and domestic premises of the plant, containers for collecting used paper and plastic are installed. Waste generation is monitored. The L’Oreal Vorsino plant is currently certified under the LEED standard.


4th Place Office of the company EY

The fourth-place EY office distinguished itself, first of all, by a well-established system of responsible procurement and policy makers on climate change. Furniture in the office EY has all the necessary certificates and almost everything is done with the use of reused materials. The volume of recycled materials in some cases reaches 70%. Finishing materials, for example, carpeting by 40% consists of recycled material and 100% recyclable. Also, EY is trying to purchase products for an office with a smaller carbon footprint. EY in Russia has been following the concept of “green office” for a long time and continues to work actively to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. In order to minimize the impact of the office’s activities on the environment, the following initiatives are additionally implemented: the replacement of personal meetings with audio and video conferences, the use of desktop trash containers to improve the quality of trash sorting, the use of eco-paper that is suitable for recycling and decomposed under the influence of microorganisms certified in accordance with international environmental standards Nordic Swan Ecolabel, EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, Elemental Chloring Free, the European Ecolabel, the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certi fication.


5th Place Aeroclub

It is also pleasant to see in the rating of the representative of the Russian company – the Aeroclub office, which closes the top five. The Aeroclub office participates in the rating not for the first year and this year the company received high scores for having a number of events for the implementation of the green office concept and for the active participation of each employee in its implementation. In the office, the Aeroclub collects paper, cardboard, batteries, tetra pack, plastic, appliances, including household, that employees bring from home for processing. Organized collection and sorting of old clothes. Regularly conducted trainings and master classes on the theme of a healthy lifestyle, responsible attitude to the environment. To reduce the ecological footprint, all paper products were replaced by products from recycled materials. When purchasing, preference is given to local producers. In the toilet rooms are installed water-saving nozzles and equipment with a double discharge system, dispouzers and aqua farms. The company encourages employees to give up personal transport, so bicycle parking and shuttle bass are organized. During the construction of the office, certified materials were used, corresponding to the concept of cradle to cradle. Also, in order to save electricity, time-relays and motion sensors are installed in the office. All printers are set by default to duplex printing, drafts are used. The flying club supports green cleaning in the office with environmentally friendly means. Advertising products are ordered mainly with the FSC label. Biodegradable pens are used and preference is given to clerical goods from recyclables. Since 2017, Aeroclub actively promotes the direction of environmental friendliness also among its partners.


Four stars – 60-79 points

  • Unilever
  • GC Nexia Pacioli
  • ZAO CROC Incorporated
  • OOO “Eastern Engineering”
  • OOO IKEA Hanim Ltd Khimki Business Park (IKEA Hanim)
  • Open Company “MGC” Light Technologies “
  • LLC “Saint-Gobain Construction Products Rus” Saint-Gobain Academy
  • LLC “TechCenter Deutsche Bank”
  • PJSC “Rostelecom” office in BC “Komsiti”
  • PJSC “Rostelecom” office Moscow, ul. Goncharnaya, 30, building 1
  • Fund for the Promotion of Sustainable Development “Silver Taiga”
  • Private institution of culture “Museum of Modern Art” GARAGE “


Three stars – 40-60 points

  • Dyson
  • Media Markt
  • JSC “RTI”
  • International News Agency “Russia Today”
  • LLC “Gelster”
  • LLC “SAF-NEVA” Voronezh
  • LLC “SAF-NEVA” Kurgan
  • LLC “SAF-NEVA” in city Moscow
  • LLC “SAF-NEVA” Uzlovaya


Photos from the event you can find here


11 December 2017