WELL Laboratories

 WELL Laboratories


Requirements for the WELL laboratories


The developer must involve an independent organization – Performance Testing Agent. Such a company can check the fulfillment of all declared requirements at the facility. The Performance Testing Agent should have a laboratory that can test air, water, lighting, thermal comfort, acoustics. It must also be accredited by ILAC – International Laboratory Accreditation. This laboratory is involved when the building is fully constructed and WELL certification has been passed on the basis of documents.



Workflow of Performance Testing Agent


First, the developer sends WELL – documentation to this agent, who studies it and sees what tests need to be carried out.
– The number of tests depends on the function, area and configuration of the building.
– The composition of the tests depends on the criteria that are planned to be obtained for certification.
The laboratory plans its departure, the schedule of tests and conducts these tests in the premises of the building under certain conditions. After passing the tests, the results are sent to the WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to confirm that all requirements have been met, and the building receives WELL certification.



Features of laboratory


The key feature of this service is that the Performance Testing Agent must be independent of any project participant: the developer, designer, contractor and consultant who certifies WELL. If the laboratory is affiliated with these team members, then the results of their tests are invalidated, and the object will not pass the WELL certification.


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