JSC Medicine, LEED

LEED certification, JSC Medicine, Oncology Clinic, Khimki


Project Description:

Oncological outpatient diagnostic center of nuclear Medicine, with an area of 20 thousand square meters. m is located in Khimki, Moscow region. The building will house radionuclide and radiation diagnostics and therapy departments, medical offices for primary and consultative reception of patients, staff and administration offices, a conference hall and other auxiliary facilities. The project was carried out by JSC “GSPI”.

The project of the center includes the concept of the “smart home” automation system. Based on this system, a comprehensive solution for climate control, lighting, power supply, and building engineering systems has been developed.


Our role:

  • LEED Turnkey building certification
  • Development of a certification strategy
  • Energy efficiency concept
  • Digital modeling
  • Acceptance of engineering systems
  • Calculations of a solar power plant
  • Passing LEED examination of the design stage in the USA


Implementation period: 2019 – 2021


Key achievements:

The project of the Oncological Outpatient Diagnostic Center in Khimki (Moscow region) was the first in Russia to receive a LEED certificate for medical institutions. The project used an integrated approach, which made it possible to achieve the level of LEED certification without serious additional costs due to balanced solutions conceived at the conceptual stage. Energy consumption is reduced by 17%, water consumption is almost 2 times compared to similar facilities.


Saving in operating costs

During designing  LEED building, a digital model of energy consumption is built, with the help of which energy costs are optimized.  The mandatory requirements of LEED certification are proof of high energy efficiency.

LEED buildings consume 25% less energy on average and have 19% lower operating costs.


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