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HPBS expert Anna Zavaleeva gave lectures on the methods of modern and ecological “green” construction, green economy in cities for the following projects:


  • Expert camp “UrbanSprint” within the framework of the acceleration program “100 urban leaders” in the city of Tyumen, topic: “Workshop. International certification systems for buildings and territories”.
  • Lectures on the topic “Eco-system solutions for cities” at the practical camp “UrbanSprint” on the topic “Healthy city. Ecopark as a new form of business organization for urban spaces” in the city of Alushta as part of the acceleration program “100 Urban leaders” as an engaged speaker.
  • Lectures on the topic “Modern parks. Russian and foreign experience” at the practical camp “UrbanSprint” – “Marathon of urban changes” in Volgodonsk
  • Lectures on the topic “Green economy in cities”, “UrbanSprint”, Irkutsk.
  • Expert “Urbanprint” city weekend, city center development project, Kamchatka.


Thanks to an integrated approach and co-participating space design in dialogue with the immediate residents of the reconstructed areas, it is possible to avoid negative aspects when implementing urban planning changes and take into account the opinions of all stakeholders in order to optimize the environmental, social and economic components of solutions.


Ecosystem solutions for cities should be useful to their residents, contribute to the development of the ecosystem around them. Some use eco infrastructure for physical health maintenance, others for mental and mental comfort. In order for projects to live, an economy is needed.


Practical examples:

  • On Lake Baikal, we worked with the water-green frame of Irkutsk in order to improve the quality of the city’s ecology and harmonize the natural space in the city limits.
  • In Tyumen, they worked on the development of the ecosystem of Lake Alabashevo with the introduction of hiking and cycling tourist routes in the surrounding area.
  • In Alushta, the Crimean government and interested business structures were enlightened in the field of waste processing, as this issue is quite acute due to the large year-round tourist flow. Elements of functional solutions are provided, the task of which is to combine and implement the most necessary and acceptable ways for a given territory to ensure the best quality of the environment.
  • In Volgodonsk, the first art objects were created on the territory of the future Molodezhny Park, and they carried out joint design with the residents of the city. Their ideas are reflected in the design documentation for the competition in the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation.
  • In Kamchatka, we met with residents, enriched them with useful and relevant knowledge in the field of space reconstruction and landscaping, and also collected and put into practice their wishes and initiatives to change public space.


The growth and development of cities cannot be the same and formulaic, too many factors affect. It is necessary to study the ongoing changes in cities and their causes, why is this happening? Ask yourself such questions all the time. Consider them in an enlarged and detailed way, affecting society, politics, regulatory framework, institutions, economy and ecology.


And “walking”… in small, big steps, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to move, think, see and use opportunities. To attract people and together create a territory where you want to live and educate future generations.


Implementation period: summer – autumn 2020


Alabashevo Island, Tyumen


A Course of Lectures on the Green Economy