The Centre for Contemporary Art in Tashkent, LEED

LEED certification project in the CIS



The former diesel power plant, built in 1912, is the current Center for Contemporary Art. (Before reconstruction)


Project description:


A new space will appear in Tashkent – the Center of Contemporary Art, created to support the development of modern culture in Central Asia. The building, which will become the main object of the center, was built in the early 19th century and served as a diesel power plant that provided the first Tashkent tram with energy. Then this building was the first step in the electrification of Tashkent. Thanks to the reconstruction and transformation, the center will become a catalyst for the rapid development of the art environment of Uzbekistan. Work on the reconstruction of the building will begin in 2022.



Our role:


Support of the certification of the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) in Tashkent according to the LEED standard.

  • Development of a technical strategy for LEED certification.
  • Support and assessment of the object at the concept stage.
  • Design support in terms of LEED requirements.
  • Passing LEED expertise at the stage of designing.
  • Construction support in terms of LEED requirements, including acceptance of engineering systems.
  • Energy modeling at the stage of design and construction.
  • Support of commissioning in terms of LEED requirements.
  • Support of LEED construction expertise.
  • Support of the procedure for obtaining a LEED certificate.



Result of the service:


The project is in the process of LEED certification. A certification strategy has been developed, including an increase in energy efficiency, water efficiency and environmental friendliness of materials. All sections of LEED certification have been developed, implemented at all stages of the project under the guidance of an accredited expert.



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