China Construction Bank, GHG Calculation

Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions for the bank's international reporting for China Construction Bank LLC



Project Description:


As a major bank, China Construction Bank LLC takes initiatives aimed at reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to sustainability. HPBS experts calculated greenhouse gas emissions for the bank’s international reporting for China Construction Bank.


Our role:


  • Conducting emissions inventory (visiting the site, collecting and analyzing data, conducting interviews);
  • Calculations of emissions for Scope 1 and 2 according to the international GHGprotocol protocol;
  • Calculation of emissions for Scope 3 (volume required within the report):
  1. inbound product flows (transportation and delivery of materials);
  2. waste generated;
  3. business trips
  4. commuting of employees;
  • Development of recommendations to reduce the carbon footprint of the office and the possibility of certifying carbon neutrality;
  • Implementation period: 2021-2022.


Key Achievements:


This project involved conducting an inventory and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions for the China Construction Bank. The emissions were calculated according to the international GHG Protocol, covering Scope 1 and 2, as well as specific categories under Scope 3. Additionally, recommendations were provided on reducing the carbon footprint and exploring the possibility of achieving carbon neutrality certification. Such efforts are integral for organizations seeking to align themselves with global sustainability goals and minimizing their environmental impact.



Calculation of the Carbon Footprint

ESG business transformation

Support in greenhouse gas calculations