Ecopolis in the Sakhalin Region

Ecopolis is a new city that will appear on Sakhalin, Russia’s largest island on the east coast of Asia. This area has an advantageous geostrategic position. The facility will be located 35 km from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the city will have a balanced location of residential, office buildings, and places for recreation and sports. A modern and environmentally friendly city involves the use of energy-saving technologies and unmanned vehicles. The project aims to create a favorable environment for talented professionals who will contribute to the development of the eastern part of Russia. The city will house the largest innovative scientific and educational center of the international level and a large logistics center with a special economic zone.


  • The project area is 942.4 ha
  • The planned population of the city by 2030 is expected to reach 25,000 people
  • 15,000 new jobs will be created and 9,000 students will be attracted
  • The project will implement the principles of “LEED for neighborhood development”

Main stages of construction:

  • The first stage (2022-2024) begins with the campus area and the university, which become the driving force for the development of the new city. A high-quality environment for study, work and active daily life is being formed.
  • The second stage (2025-2027) is the construction of technological and research and production centers. New well-maintained residential quarters, modern social and sports facilities are emerging.
  • The third stage (2028-2030) – construction of residential complexes and related infrastructure will continue. Preference is given to low-rise buildings.


Role of HPBS:

Our company won the international competition for the development of the Ecopolis concept in a consortium led by IND Architects and consisting of an international multidisciplinary team including HPBS, “Knight Frank” JSC, “John Thompson & Partners”, SPI “Planning Group”, “Concrete Jungle” LLC and “DA! Architects”.

  • Water green frame

A large number of landscaping and parks permeate the city of Ecopolis, they will continuously provide the city with fresh air and comfortable environmental conditions.

  • Storm water management

A large amount of rainfall is used in the city, the use of pipes and treatment facilities is minimized, filtration surfaces, bio-ditches and rainwater collection in houses are used here.

  • Innovative urban energy structure

This city will have a positive balance of energy generation from renewable sources, the main energy is generated with the help of wind parks, which are located at a small distance from the city, and the houses are also equipped with solar power plants (their roofs).

The amount of energy produced per year is more than the city consumes, the excess energy is processed into hydrogen using electrolyzers. This hydrogen is further used to heat houses in the winter. The rest of the hydrogen, which is not required, is sold to ships running on hydrogen fuel.

It is planned to use wave power plants to generate electrical energy and subsequently generate hydrogen.

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