Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the Telegraph building, Moscow.

Calculation and optimization of the ecological footprint for the reconstruction of the facility. Consulting Services for calculating the life cycle of the Telegraph building.


The Central Telegraph is a historic building in the center of Moscow on Tverskaya Street built in 1925-1927, designed by architect Ivan Rerberg in the constructivism style. Restoration works were carried out in the building in order to bring it in line with modern advanced architectural requirements of comfort and environmental friendliness.



Our role:

  • Calculation of the life cycle of a building by ecology (LCA)

– Preliminary LCA model, definition of preliminary environmental

trace of building materials;

– The offer of improved materials, the use of which will help to reduce

ecological footprint of building materials;

– Introduction of improved materials into the updated LCA model. Calculation

ecological footprint with improved materials.


  • Calculation of the life cycle of a building by cost (LCC)

– Report in English for submission to BRE Global for certification of the Facility;

– Summary summary of the Report in Russian with recommendations.


Implementation period: 2022


Lafarge Holcim, LEED and LCA
EPD declarations and LCA product life cycle analysis

LCC, LCA and Value Engineering