Luzhkov Moscow City University of Management, ESG training

ESG in construction
International standards and approaches in the field of sustainable urban development


HPBS experts conducted a series of lectures within the framework of the seminar “International standards and approaches in the field of sustainable urban development and the creation of a healthy urban environment” at the Luzhkov Moscow Government University.

The course was developed by the Moscow City University of Management of the Government of Moscow and HPBS for the Moscow Department of Construction.


The following topics were considered during the training:


  1. Green economy, sustainable development of the territory, increasing the socio-economic value of the project. Ecosystem services in cities, a comfortable urban environment. Efficiency of urban landscaping.
  2. Building certification systems LEED, WELL, IRIIS, BREEAM, BREEAM Communities. The basics of green infrastructure, were studied using the example of international building certification systems. Assessment of the cost of construction of objects included in the certification process.
  3. A project workshop “Integrated design of a “green” area using mock-ups of buildings and territories” was held.


An important point was to consider the financial, environmental and social significance of the green economy for cities and states in general and the role of ESG principles in this process.


A Course of Lectures on the Green Economy

LEED Training