MSU, Sustainable Development training



HPBS experts were invited to the Moscow State University to conduct a course of lectures on sustainable development, calculation and verification of greenhouse gas emissions and green certification of buildings. The lecture participants gained an understanding of the social and political significance of the green economy in the context of modern legislation, market relations and prospects for sustainable development.


The following topics were considered during the training:


  • Plan 5 steps to zero greenhouse gas emissions
  • ESG concept within the framework of environment, social responsibility and management
  • Theory and principles of sustainable development
  • Attributes of a sustainable territory and a green building
  • The difference between environmental and carbon footprint
  • WELL environment
  • 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the context of ESG and green building certification
  • Overview of the international building certification systems LEED, BREEAM and WELL. Their significance and examples of certified objects
  • Green Infrastructure facilities
  • Green mortgage


LEED Training

Сourse on calculating greenhouse gas emissions

Russian building certification system

Green Economy