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Design Simulation and Energy modelling

Description of Services

Digital modeling technologies allow to determine how the building will function during design.

The dynamic model allows to determine the state of the elements of the building and its environment at any time in the year, taking into account the actual climate and design decisions.
For example, in the summer we can see that the roof of the building is overheating because of the sun. Therefore, we will apply here a white roof to reflect the excess heat and reduce the cost of air conditioning.
We can see what the wind speed between the buildings will be, whether people will be comfortable.
We can avaluate the natural and artificial lighting.
We install a efficient LED lighting system with daylight and occupancy sensors. That allows you to save on electricity as light is on only when there is not enough natural light and there are people in the room.
Then we proceed to optimize the energy consumption of the building. Using the model, we define:
Optimum building envelope design (walls, roof and windows)
Then we evaluate the HVAC systems (ventilation, heating and air conditioning)
After the optimization of the energy consumption of building is completed, we add a solar power plant. The solar panels are aimed directly at the sun and generate up to 10% of the energy consumed by the building.

Our Services

Energy Modeling

We provide energy modeling services for LEED and BREEAM cerfication as well and for optimiztion of desing decision process.

CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics for inside and outside building spaces. We can evaluate the performance of natural and mechanical ventilation as well as safety of street wind study.


We provide energy modelling trainings for engineers and students.

Case study

Case study

Assignment: Provide full services for LEED Platinum project.

HPBS contribute in several LEED credit categories using advanced building simulation tools, including: Energy Optimization, Ventilation CFD optimization, Zero Carbon Strategy Development, Renewable Energy Study, Demand Response, Whole Building Life Cycle Analysis, Daylighting Optimization, Acoustical Study and Calibrated Energy Simulation for Enhanded Commissioning.

Energy Modelling



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