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Master planning and sustainability

Description of the services

Interdisciplinary modeling of urban environment, infrastructure and buildings parameters based on the LEED for Neighborhood Development guidelines, including: energy efficiency, water, use of renewable energy, comfort and quality of environment, waste management, planning of sustainable transport and pedestrian connections.

Our Services

Multiple-criteria decision analysis

Collection of data on historical and cultural features of the territory, working with the local community: local residents, entrepreneurs and representatives of local authorities, conducting a comprehensive analysis of the existing urban and engineering infrastructure.

The urban development strategy

Assessing the competitive advantages of the territory, determining the priority areas of the developing territory in three areas: economy, urban environment, local community, development of a plan for the implementation and harmonization of the strategy

Elaboration of design

Preparation of project proposals on priority areas of the developed territory, drawing up a step-by-step plan for the implementation of projects. Evaluation of risks and costs of projects, analysis of potential sources of financing, consulting at the stages of coordination and implementation of projects.

Case study

Case study

Assignment: Develope of the strategy of Tarusa town.

The idea of the strategy is to make Tarusa town the first urbanized area of advanced environmental development in Russia. Within the framework of the ``eco-city`` concept, research work was carried out, an original methodology for the sustainable development of small Russian cities was developed and implemented.





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