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Saint-Gobain Weber Research and Development Centre


Implementation of measures of LEED certification system for New Construction project during design and construction process, including:

- development of design brief for designer and technical specification for contractors

- coordination of energy modeling and elaboration of energy conservation measures

- control of LEED implementation during design and construction

- administration of LEED review in GBCI

- Enhanced Commissioning


The Saint-Gobain Weber Research and Development Centre is located in Egorievsk, Moscow Region. The building is designed for research and testing of products of the Weber-Vetonit dry mortar factory. The building has a tight performance envelope, ventilation with recuperation, LED lighting with presence sensors, an automatic control system for indoor temperature for radiators and for air conditioning. Heating is provided by high-efficiency gas boilers. The air conditioning system can operate in air heat pump mode for heating. The building is also equipped with a system for monitoring energy consumption and air quality. Environmentally friendly construction materials produced by the Saint-Gobain group, as well as the FSC wood were used in the construction.


The building received the LEED Gold certificate. Activities have improved the following indicators of sustainable development:

- The use of personal transport decreased by 43%.

- Consumption of water decreased by 62%, due to the use of water-saving plumbing fixtures, waterless urinals.

- All rainwater is collected and used for production needs

- Energy consumption reduced by 25%

- Satisfaction with comfort in the building is approximately 31% higher than in other similar facilities.