A Course of Lectures on the Green Economy

Nowadays the green market is growing, its growth has strengthened after the pandemic period. Traditional economy shifts to sustainable. Now sustainable development is perceived as economic growth that does not damage the environment and contributes to solving social problems striking balance between economic, ecological and social development. Corporations imply WELL, LEED, BREEAM certifications of healthy and ecological building and issue green bonds. Successful implementation and realization of sustainable development of goals and tasks mainly depend on direct participation in this business. Company managers optimize processes in their companies and follow goals of sustainable business development.

Our training is prepared for specialists interested in:


  • sustainable development
  • green economy
  • green foundation
  • ESG
  • international systems of certification

The next topics will be highlighted during the training


  1. Green economy
  • circular economy
  • low carbon economy
  • inclusive economy


  1. Green economy sectors and infrastructures
  • elements of green economy stimulation


  1. Ecosystem services in cities
  • biophilia and biodiversity
  • open green spaces and urban farms
  • minimization of urban heat island and light pollution
  • examples of solutions to green infrastructure


  1. Sustainable development and ESG
  • social needs in SDGs
  • ESG and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • urban services and quality of life rates
  • relationship between economic development, healthcare and gentrification
  • new perspective on the problem of public health, urban planning and rational consumption of environmental resources


  1. Sustainable projects
  • LEED, WELL, BREEAM certification and life cycle assessment
  • certification world systems have economic and health-improving effects both on buildings and cities
  • learning frameworks of international trade relationship and Russian regulation of goods and services according to ISO 14040 standards


  1. Greenhouse gases
  • methodology for calculating of life cycle assessment
  • tools for working with life cycle assessment

If you have questions regarding participation you can reach us by the contact details provided below:

  • T: +7(910) 081-14-69 (Anna)
  • E: anna.zavaleeva@hpb-s.com

Course topics can be found by reference:

The lectiure: “Green” urban solutions, here