IRIIS Certification

Certification and verification of IRIIS (VEB.RF) infrastructural facilities

IRIIS is a national rating and certification of infrastructure projects system established by VEB.RF, PPP National center and AECOM to attract investments in quality infrastructure in Russia, replication of the best international practices and tendencies of infrastructure development. One of the tools to attract facilities in these projects is green bonds. In August 2019 this opportunity appeared on the Moscow market.

HPBS can perform as an independent verifier or consultant in the part:

“Ecology and climate” of IRIIS certification system:

  • Atmospheric air protection
  • Waste reduction
  • Aquatic ecosystem protection
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission
  • Careful management of agricultural land
  • Careful management of undeveloped land
  • Conversation of biodiversity
  • Water intensity of reduction of the project
  • Energy efficiency of the project
  • Using renewable energy sources
  • Using recycled materials

HPBS team cooperates with the VEB.RF and PPP Institute in the development of methodological approaches to evaluation of projects and requirements for verifiers, and also participates in the certification of pilot projects.


IRIIS pilot project

HPBS is a verifier of the part “ecology” of the pilot project Vostochnyi vyezd (East exit), construction of a new exit road from Ufa to the federal highway M-5 Ural.

The first results of the appraisal IRIIS certified system were presented at SPIEF-2021 (St. Petersburg International Economic Forum). The project Construction Vostochnyi vyezd (East exit) from Ufa city received a gold level of IRIIS certification.


Benefits of international certification of buildings LEED, BREEAM and WELL