Selection of analogues of equipment

In conditions of economic instability, there are interruptions in the supply of equipment used in facilities under construction and for various types of work. It is important for companies to have an understanding of existing equipment analogues, understand the pros and cons of existing options, and evaluate the results from the transition.

The positive aspect here will be a reduction in the cost of purchasing and using equipment, simplification of production processes without loss of quality and more profit without increasing actual costs.


Our role:

1. Selection of high-quality analogues to replace the necessary equipment:

  • analysis of various options for design solutions, evaluation of savings and efficiency;
  • verification of the performance of the applied solutions using simulation modeling of the functioning of the building.


2. Reducing the cost of purchasing equipment:

  • studying the project and determining the list of necessary equipment, and equipment, the purchase of which can be abandoned or a replacement can be selected without prejudice to the project.

3. Value engineering:

  • optimization of capital and operating costs for the construction and operation of the building;
  • increasing the added value of the object;
  • identification of facts of overestimation of the cost and inexpediency of complicating the implemented design solutions;
  • development and application of less complex and costly solutions without compromising the quality of work performed in order to simplify the creation and operation of the facility.


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