Сourse on calculating greenhouse gas emissions

Calculation, optimization and compensation of greenhouse emissions according to the best international practices

Educational course of low-carbon development for your business on the international market.

7 modules, 4 hours of lectures, home tasks, Russian language (as an extension), online, certificate

About the program

The program will help understand what kind of knowledge and tools companies need to calculate, optimize and compensate for greenhouse gas emissions for sustainable development of your business on the international market.


The program was developed by HPBS experts and it is the part of the educational trainings’ ecosystem in the area of the sustainable development, green economy and reduction of ecological footprint.


Throughout the course participants will receive lectures, practical tests, and home tasks.


Why business need to deal with GHG emissions? How to calculate GHG emissions? How to pay the carbon footprint taxes? What reporting and certification exist? What methods of carbon footprint’s compensation and optimization are used?

During the training you will have a holistic picture of the low-carbon development management and clarify key questions connected with regulatory features, calculation of greenhouse gas emissions, border tax, carbon reporting, optimization and compensation of carbon footprint on the international market.

Who will benefit from the traning?

Participants of new market connected with low-carbon economy that have a lot of opportunities and questions.

  • Top managers and small and medium business owners who plan to scale manufacture and enter the international market.
  • Directors for sustainable development of business.
  • Specialists in ESG, ecology and sustainable development.
  • Specialists dealing with carbon footprint calculations, LCA and EPD.

A level of preparation: no special skills required.

The course program

The program bases on international documents and practices in the area of climate and carbon regulation.

  • Sustainable development and climate
    • Theory andproblem of climate change
    • Climate risks
    • The Paris Climate Agreement
    • The concept of Sustainable Development. Society’s needs in SDGs
    • Greenhouse gas emissions. Overview of main types and sources, IPCC Protocol
    • Introduction to carbon footprint


  • Standards of greenhouse emissions measurements
    • Overview of main normative documents that regulate greenhouse emissions in Russia
    • Standarts used for GHG rating. ISO 14064
    • Standarts used for GHG rating. GHG Protocol
    • Introduction to the concept of GHG measurement’s composition ­– Scope 1,2,3


  • Calculation according to Scope 1
    • Identification and determination of greenhouse gas emissions according to Scope 1
    • Methods of data collection
    • Conversion factors
    • Examples of greenhouse gas calculation


  • Calculation according to Scope 2
    • Identification and determination of greenhouse gas emissions according Scope 2 (sourses)
    • Methods of data calculation (types of energy consumption)
    • Calculation of greenhouse gas emission coefficient according to Scope 2 based on composition of energy consumption
    • Examples of greenhouse gas calculation


  • Calculation according to Scope 3
    • Identification and classification of greenhouse gas emissions according Scope 3
    • Methods and tools of data calculation
    • Calculation and categorization of greenhouse gas emission
    • Examples of greenhouse gas calculation


  • Reporting on greenhouse gas emissions
    • Standards and authorities CDP, TCFD, GRI etc.
    • Key concepts of greenhouse gas corporate accounting. Documentation of greenhouse gas emissions in the reporting
    • Policy of climate risk management
    • Requirements for verification
    • Presentation of reporting results to stakeholders
    • Methods of carbon footprint compensation. Carbon certificates CORCs, I-REC. Projects of carbon footprint compensation according to Gold Standard and Verra.


  • Supply chain management
    • Carbon regulation of economy such as carbon tax and quotas for greenhouse gas emissions
    • Introduction to product environmental product declaration. Environmental product declaration EPD (declaration of greenhouse and ecological footprint). EU and OECD requirements for import and export of goods and materials
    • Life-cycle assessment (LCA). Tools for working with LCA (procedures, programs, indicators, databases). Methods of LCA optimization in production and logistic chain

You will see

  • Skilled experts dealing with low carbon market
  • Recorded lectures for learning at appropriate time
  • Practical tasks
  • Online exams with experts in the end of the course
  • Certificate of successful completed course

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge

You will be able to evaluate LCA and compose environmental product declaration EPD in the field of sustainable development and climate.

  • Roadmap

Сomplete roadmap for low-carbon regulation of company’s activity.

  • Understanding of the market

Complex understanding of the green market (premises, normative base, features)

  • Tools

Tools for analysis and improving of ecological company’s activity in the field of greenhouse footprint (calculation, optimization, compensation)


Cost of participation:

  • for natural person 46 000 rubles
  • for artificial person 55 200 rubles


A rich and in-demand course “Calculation, optimization and compensation of greenhouse gas emissions can be completed on the modern online educational platform Stepik in 10 hours. At the end of the training there will be an exam, after successful completion of which you will receive a certificate.


We value the time of our students on the course and offer to complete the training section “Greenhouse gas calculations by Scope 1” for free. So that you can test the course, to what extent it suits you personally, in order to make a decision about completing the full course.


The entire course is available at any time convenient for you. It is hosted on the Stepik educational platform.


Links to the course:


After completing the full course, a certificate is available to you.

For job seekers:

  • We consider applications from specialists in greenhouse gas calculations for our staff, for projects.

For companies:

  • We provide services for calculating greenhouse gas emissions according to Scope 1, 2, 3.
  • We carry out verification of greenhouse gas emissions
  • We create a greenhouse gas emissions calculator that is integrated into your 1C, SAP business process optimization program.
  • We are developing a strategy for optimizing and compensating greenhouse gas emissions.


If you have any questions about participation, you can contact the person who invited you or by the following contacts:

  • T: +7(910) 081-14-69 (Anna)
  • E: anna.zavaleeva@hpb-s.com