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Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment and EPD Certification

Description of Services

The holistic impact on the environment of the products and activities of companies can be determined through life-cycle analysis.

The analysis of the life cycle impact of specific building material can be found in Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). We help our clients to carry out life cycle analysis and prepare EPD.

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Our Services

Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment

Provide Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment and optimize design solutions for environmental impact categories based on ISO 14040 and 14044: global warming potential (greenhouse gases), depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer, acidification of land and water sources, eutrophication, formation of tropospheric ozone, depletion of nonrenewable energy resources (oil, gas, coal)

Preparation of reporting documents for obtaining LEED and BREEAM credits: Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction and Mat 01 Life cycle impacts.

Life Cycle Assessment of Building Products

Life Cycle Assessment of Building Products at all stages of its life cycle: extraction of raw materials, production, transportation, operation, repair and maintenance, as well as disposal and recycling.

Consulting services for the collection or calculation of data on various characteristics of the environmental impact of products.

EPD Documentation

Independent EPD verification of the product based on ISO 14025 and EN 1580

Introduction of EPD results into international databases

Preparation of information leaflets in the languages of the target markets.

Case study

Case study

Assignment: Provide Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment for new LEED building.

HPBS conducted the Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment and optimization of design solutions for the L’Oréal factory expansion project in the Kaluga region and received 3 points in the LEED system.




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