BREEAM Training

BREEAM – a standard that provides opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of a building. Facilities that received BREEAM certification represent a more sustainable environment that improves the well-being of people in buildings, helps protect natural resources and is investment-attractive. The BREEAM assessment standard includes advanced European construction practices aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment, climate, and improving the quality and operational characteristics of the building.

BREEAM is an international brand for environmental certification of buildings, which is recognizable all over the world. The world’s leading companies and brands require certification for their buildings and offices as a corporate standard. The following companies have certified buildings in Russia: IKEA, Olympic Facilities in Sochi, Decathlon, Storm Properties, Radius Group, O1 Properties.

The training is devoted to the study of approaches to the design and construction of buildings according to the BREEAM system.

Our training is prepared for specialists interested in such areas of knowledge as:

  • Energy efficiency


  • Sustainable development


  • Green construction


  • Passing the exam according to the BREEAM standard

Cost of participation:

  • For individuals 46,000 rubles
  • For legal entities 55,200 rubles

A discount is provided for companies depending on the number of participants.

The following topics will be covered during the training:

  1. Overview of green construction and BREEAM standard 
  • The emergence of BREEAM standard, application in the world and Russia
  • BREEAM certification schemes
  • Regional coefficients
  • Criteria of the BREEAM New Construction standard by areas of analysis


  1. The structure of the BREEAM standard:
  • Energy consumption
  • Transport and its accessibility
  • Quality of the internal environment – visual comfort, light comfort, thermal comfort, acoustic comfort
  • Indoor water and air quality
  • Life cycle
  • Materials and responsible approach to construction
  • Waste management and reuse
  • Environmental conservation, land use and ecology
  • Reduction of light and noise pollution
  • Design innovations and regional priorities


  1. Financial components of certification:
  • Financial and economic aspects
  • Benefits from certification
  • Added value
  • Financing and capitalization of assets


Using the example of the case, you will work out certification skills, be able to determine the level of certification and create a roadmap for implementing solutions for certification.

Additional materials on the topic:

What is the difference between LEED and BREEAM systems? Which one is more effective?

Check-list of BREEAM certification criteria  download

If you have any questions about participation, you can contact the person who invited you or by the following contacts:

  • T: +7(910) 081-14-69 (Anna)
  • E: