Development of Engineering Solutions and Feasibility Study

Nowadays green building has become the most popular in the construction of buildings. The green building is a kind of building construction and operating that has a minimal impact on the environment, these buildings are enabling for people, and also are economically feasible. Its goal is to reduce the level of energy and material sources consumption during the whole life cycle of the building, from selection the site of design, construction and operating to the renovation and demolition. The equally important goal of green building is the comfort of the domestic environment for users and the building and operating cost must be economically feasible and get a real utility.

HPBS produses development of engineering solutions and calculation of its economic feasibility

  • Determination of main requirements for functions
  • Determination of required loads
  • Development of variations of ensuring function and loads
  • Optimization of microclimate in the rooms considering the equipment and architectural solutions
  • Determination of the solutions’ cost and payback period
  • Optimization of loads, cost, expenditures on operating and energy consumption

Development of the engineering solutions at an early stage of the building allows significantly reducing further costs on the operating of the project, increasing the comfort of users’ being, reducing energy consumption, minimizing the carbon footprint. Data, that is considered, increases consumers’ demand and competitive advantage for these projects.

Engineering networks of the city: