Participation in GBCI Circle 2022 Europe

Marina Kouprianova, an accredited HPBS expert on LEED and BREEAM certification of  buildings, visited GBCI Circle 2022 Europe, which was held in Munich.


At the event:

  • The future of green construction was discussed;
  • Lectures on LEED, ESG concepts and green financing of buildings were held;
  • Innovative solutions for achieving carbon neutrality of buildings are presented;
  • Strategies for sustainable development of buildings are proposed;
  • There was a walking tour in Munich of green facilities certified by LEED.


The following trends were on the agenda:

  • striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions faster, move towards carbon neutrality;
  • mandatory accounting of Coverage 3 emissions in carbon reporting starting from 2023;
  • the need to meet EU Taxonomy requirements for existing green standards.


GBCI Europe events are an excellent platform for experts to communicate and exchange experience with the best consultants in green construction. Thanks to Kay Killmann and Nicole Killmann for the development of green construction in Europe.


Our friends and partners, who participated in GBCI Circle 2022 Europe:

  • Diana Ilyina
  • Francesca Galati Bolognesi
  • Gerrit-Jan Teunissen