Development of the IRIS certification system by VEB.RF

HPBS experts have contributed to the development of the National Quality Assessment and Certification System for Infrastructure Projects IRIIS, the development of which was completed by the State Development Corporation VEB in 2021.The Russian Federation” together with the ANO “National PPP Center” and the international company AIKOM with the support of the Ministry of Finance of Russia. HPBS experts have developed the section “Ecology and climate”.


The IRIIS system is recognized by the G20 countries at the international level and is included by the Global Infrastructure Hub (FIU) in the list of advanced international solutions in the field of management and regulation of infrastructure projects. The register, created at the initiative of the G20, is maintained by GIH, the OECD and the World Bank.



The IRIIS system includes three main aspects:

  • “Economics and Management”;
  • “Quality of life;
  • “Ecology and climate”.


Each of the aspects contains a certain set of criteria for scoring points that enable a comprehensive assessment of infrastructure projects.


HPBS, as a leading consultant in the field of sustainable development, environmental engineering and green certification, was invited to study the aspect of “Ecology and Climate”.



Our role was to conduct an analysis in the following areas:

  • assessment and reduction of the greenhouse footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) of the project at all stages of the life cycle;
  • development of solutions that increase the energy efficiency of the project;
  • introduction of measures stimulating the development of a cyclical economy;
  • conservation of natural ecosystems and enhancement of biodiversity;
  • other aspects aimed at reducing the negative impact of the project on the environment.


Representatives of VEB.The Russian Federation noted the professional contribution of HPBS to the methodological component of the IRIIS system, the high level of expertise and the quality of the recommendations presented, which helped to strengthen the environmental aspects of the system.


After the methodological development of the system, testing of the system began in January 2021. HPBS acted as a verifier of the first successful pilot project for the creation of a new highway “Eastern exit from Ufa”, which became the first project in Russia to successfully pass the IRIIS certification. The results of the certification were presented within the framework of SPIEF-2021. According to the results of the examination, the project received 1879 points or 62.6% of the maximum possible (3000 points), which corresponds to the “Gold” level.


A letter of thanks to HPBS from WEBRF


IRIIS Certification

The project on the IRIIS system, the M-5 Eastern Exit highway, Ufa.