Online course on WELL

Training on the WELL Building Standard international certification system lasting 8 hours. The training examines the basic principles and concepts of the system, as well as provides certification cases from real practice with actual calculations and the results obtained.



The following topics are considered in the learning process:

  • Getting to know WELL: the purpose, principles and features of the WALL v2 certification system, concepts for creating a healthy environment, a place in the market of building certification systems;
  • Understanding WELL: terminology, certification process, roles and responsibilities of participants, internal environment quality testing;
  • Concepts of Air and Water;
  • Concepts of Temperature comfort, Acoustics and Materials.
  • Concepts Lighting and Movement;
  • Concepts of Mental Health, Nutrition and Community;
  • The possibilities of WELL strategies for buildings of various purposes and businesses, compliance with ESG, compatibility with green standards.



Course presenters:

Ilya Zavaleev – LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, CEO and Partner of HPBS;

Natalia Magdanova – HPBS WELL Certification Engineer, an accredited WELL AP expert.


WELL Certification

FSK Sydney City, WELL