Tyumen. Residential complex “Green Alleys”. Еnergy efficiency

Services for the analysis of energy efficiency improvement options and the development of a consolidated scheme of engineering networks of an area under construction in Tyumen, with an area of about 30 hectares.


Our role:

  1. Climatic analysis of the territory:
    Analysis of air temperature, humidity, solar radiation;
    Soil temperature analysis;
    Precipitation analysis;
    Wind analysis;
    Climate risks.
  2. Determination of engineering loads on buildings and design capacities of engineering infrastructure.
  3. Consideration of several options for optimizing loads and life cycle costs (construction cost and operating cost):
    Options for solutions to reduce peak loads;
    Options for solutions to reduce energy consumption;
    Analysis of renewable energy sources.
  4. The concept of engineering supply of the territory, including:
    Power supply;
    Heat supply;
    Water supply and sanitation;
    Waste management during operation.
  5. Description of the elements of the eco-district concept:
    Placement of eco-paving stones in parking spaces to reduce the load on the storm sewer;
    The location along the “Alley of Childhood” of the ditch for its operation during the period of active snowmelt;
    The location in the basement of residential buildings of reservoirs for collecting rainwater from roofs with subsequent use in watering green spaces.



Results of our services:

  • The layout of engineering infrastructure facilities has been developed. Locations of TP, KNS, boiler houses, GRPSH, and other
  • A summary scheme of engineering networks has been developed with the application of existing networks and promising ones from the point of insertion to the consumer and with an overlay on the accepted design profile of roads.



Residential quarter “Green Alleys” – finalist of the Federal Award Urban Awards 2021 in the nomination: “Best regional low-rise complex”


Implementation period: 2020



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